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Mahesh Kale
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Mahesh Kale (Devanagari: महेश काळे) (Born: 1976, Pune, India) is a San Francisco Bay Area (United States) based Indian Classical vocalist renowned for his specialization in Indian Classical (Hindustani), Semi-Classical and Devotional Music including Natya Sangeet.

Early life and background
Mahesh was born and raised in a musical family in Pune, Maharashtra, India. He began his early music education under the guidance of his mother Smt. Meenal Kale. She had Masters in Indian Classical Music and was a disciple of Veena Sahasrabuddhe.
Mahesh gave his first solo performance at the age of 3 at Gondavale, with the rendition of a devotional song he mesmerized an audience of over 5000 . At the age of 6 he started learning music formally from Shri Purushottam Gangurde. Despite of his young age, Mahesh was chosen as the disciple of legendary Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki in 1991. Under his guidance in a gurukul-like setting, Mahesh was extensively trained in classical and semi-classical forms like thumri, dadra, tappa, bhajans, and marathi natya sangeet for over 8 years. During that time, he accompanied his guru Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki as a vocal support in prestigious concerts all across India. Currently he is receiving vocal guidance from Shri Shounak Abhisheki (son of Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki).
Mahesh holds a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from University of Pune (India) and a Masters degree in Engineering Management from Santa Clara University (United States).

Mahesh has performed extensively in concerts of Indian Classical and Semi-Classical Vocal in India, USA, UAE and UK. He has performed in Fusion concerts with famous percussionists like Sivamani and Trilok Gurtu, and instrumentalists like Pedro Eustache and Frank Martin.
Since early 2010, Mahesh has been playing the central character in Katyar Kaljat Ghusli, the evergreen Sangeet Natak (musical). He has been honored with Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Natya Parishad Award for his role in this play.
Mahesh is determined to spread awareness and education about Indian classical music in the western world. He has given lecture-demonstrations in various US universities including Stanford and Harvard University and was also profiled as Artist of the Month by Harvard Sangeet in March 2008.
Currently Mahesh is teaching music actively to over 100 students in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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