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Ravishankar Mishra
GharanaSitar - Rampur-MaiharRavishankar Mishra
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Nityanand Haldipur
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Ravi Shankar Mishra is one of the finest makers of Hindustani Bansuri flute - Indian Bamboo flute. He learnt the art of Bansuri flute making from his father Sri Dinesh Chandra Mishra. In his endeavour to craft the Bansuri flute for his own playing, he mastered the art of Bansuri flute making. The hallmark of quality in his bamboo flutes is well reflected in the precision and a skillful workmanship evolved over the years of dedication and hard work. Ravi’s Bansuri flute making was blessed by the flute maestro and one of the greatest Bansuri bamboo flute makers, late Pt. Devendra Murdeshwar, who revealed to him the intricacies and dynamics of ‘bamboo’ and ‘wind’ leading towards near perfection .
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