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Milind Raikar
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Kishori Amonkar
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Milind performed for the first time as a singer at the tender age of five. He proved his musical prodigy as a guitarist as well as a bongo player in the following years. He began learning playing the violin in order to learn Western music. He achieved Grade IV from Trinity College of London under the tutelage of Professor A. P. D'Costa.
Milind remained inclined toward Indian classical music despite learning and performing the western classical music. His father, Mr. Atchut Raikar, a votary of Indian heritage of Classical Music and culture, recognized Milind’s potential and encouraged him to take up Indian classical music.
Milind underwent training in vocal classical music from Pandit Vasantrao Kadnekar. In 1986, Milind had the opportunity to learn advanced Indian Classical Music from Padmashree Pandit D. K Datar, the great, legendary maestro of violin and a major exponent of Gwalior Gharana. Pandit D. K. Datar infused in Milind a distinct rich cultured treasure of Indian Classical Music and the nuances of excellent techniques of violin playing, most prominently the 'gayaki-ang' (vocal style).
He has established himself as young master of violin owing to his perfection of the instrument. Smt. Kishori Amonkar, a leading exponent of Jaipur-Atrauli gharana, attended his performance and helped him to improve under her guidance. He has had the wonderful opportunity to accompany the great vocalist on the violin, at venues in London and Paris.
He had been a part of the troupe of Indian pop star Remo Fernandes.
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