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Laxmanprasad Jaipurwale
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Laxmanprasad Jaipurwale (1915-1977) was a vocalist of 'Kunwar Shyam' tradition. He was a composer of a high talent. His repertoire included uncommon Ragas and rare forms of compositions. He was welversed in singing Khayal, Thumari, Tappa, etc. He was the progenitor of the lyrical and layakari-laden gayaki of Goswami Lalji Maharaj (Kunwar Shyam).
Laxmanprasad Jaipurwale was a capable Guru also. His eldest son, Govindprasad Jaipurwale (1944-1988), excelled as a vocalist. LaxmanPrasad & Govindprasad, both gave taleem to many musicians, specially professionals in Hindi playback industry, such as Sudha Malhotra, Kavita Krishnamurthy, Ronu Majumdar, Meenu Purshottam, Aarti Mukherjee, Manhar, Ajit Kadkade, Chandrasekhar Gadgil. Laxmanprasad Ji's other son Girdharprasad specialized in Tabla and he brought to light two volumes of Sangeet Gyan Prakash with notating compositions of Laxmanprasad Jaipurwale and Kunwar Shyam. His grandson Bhavdeep is a music director in film industry.
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