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Fateh Ali Khan 'Karnail'
GharanaKhayal - PatialaFateh Ali Khan
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Ustad Fateh Ali Khan was founder of Patiyala Gharana, along with his contemporary singer Ustad Ali Baksh Khan. This duo was famous as 'Aliya-Fattu' was court singers at court of Patiyala and because of their musical skill; they were carrying the title of Jarnail (Ali Baksh) and Karnail (Fateh Ali). They both were trained in music under Tanras Khan, Kalu Khan, Behram Khan of Udaipur, Mubarak Ali khan, Haddu Khan & Hassu Khan of Gwalior.
Fateh Ali Khan died early. He had a son, Aashiq Ali Khan. He was taught by students of his father. Aashiq Ali had many nothworthy students like Mohammad Hussain Sarahang, Farida Khanum, Zahida Parveen. Ali Bakash had one son, Ustad Akhtar Hussain. Ustad Akhtar Hussan had three sons, Amanat Ali Khan, Fateh Ali Khan and Hamid Ali Khan. The duo of Amanat Ali Khan and Fateh Ali Khan has been a top notch singer duo of Pakistan, Ustad Amanat Ali Khan died in 1974, Fateh Ali Khan does not sing anymore because of bad health. After Fateh Ali Khan, there is no notable Classical music singer left in Pakistan.
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