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Shekhar Borkar
GharanaSitar - Rampur-MaiharShekhar Borkar
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Ali Akbar Khan
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Shekhar Borkar is a versatile Sarod player of rare artistic depth. He is not only an outstanding performer, but a brilliant teacher and an adept composer. He is highly acclaimed for his excellent innovation of his new Instrument ‘The Surtarang’, which is a combination of the Sarod and the Veena.

Shekhar showed profound enthusiasm for the noble art of Indian music at a very tender age. Totally enamored by the rich-tonal quality of the Sarod, he anchored himself to this difficult yet majestic instrument, strictly out of choice.

Shekhar’s musical career lies in his efforts at experimentations. Through sheer perseverance and determination, he devotedly practiced this art singularly.

Shekhar has been highly inspired by the Maihar tradition. The venerable Acharya Baba Allaudin Khansaheb and his inimitable son Ustad Ali Akbar Khansaheb are the most significant personalities and inspiration in Shekhar's musical career. Although, he owes allegiance to this tradition, he has been able to give a new dimension to the art of Sarod playing primarily through intense and dedicated riyaz and conscious study. He has termed this new style as the ‘Tarankaar Baaz’. This new style positively gives him an individual identity. The Tarankaar Baaz comprises of Taar - Parans which are expressed in the Gayaki - ang.

Shekhar’s technical achievements on the Sarod are indeed a revelation. His presentations are quite unique and different from the conventional mode of Sarod - Baaz.

His incredible control of the glides (Ghasit taans) is a treat to watch.

Shekhar’s delineation of the Raag - Alap speaks volumes of his originality. He often prefers to render the Gat and taan embellishments in the Khayal - ang (vocal style).

Shekhar feels that music and spirituality is a solo medium enroute to divinity. He is an ardent devotee of Shirdi SaiBaba and thus imbibes great inspiration from the revered saint.

A regular performer on the radio and television, since several years, Shekhar has widely traveled and has been highly acclaimed all over India and abroad for his brilliant renditions.

At present, he is busy tutoring aspiring students of music, in Pune. Shekhar’s two extremely talented sons Praashekh and Abhishek are indeed the torch -bearers of the ‘Tarankaar Baaz’ style of rendition.
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