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Aly Sunderji
GharanaKhayal - MewatiAly Sunderji
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Rattan Mohan Sharma
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A disciple of Pt. Rattan Mohan Sharma, a grand-disciple of Pandit Jasraj, Aly has made a name for himself in Canada’s music scene. His musical journey started as a child, listening to geets of Khursheed, and learning ginans from Anaar Kanji, something always told him that Hindustani classical music is where his destiny laid. Versed in Bhajan, Kirtan, Haveli Sangeet, Sufi & Bhakti Music as well as Rajasthani and Gujarati Folk songs, Aly is a devoted ginan trainer, and has recorded over 200 ginans. For Aly; music is ibaadat, music is his way of praising, yearning, imploring, and conversing with the Creator. Inspired by the works of Rumi, Meera, Kabir and Tulsidas, Aly is an avid writer of Sufi poetry, in 2008 he put forth the album of spoken word poetry; An Ode to Shah Karim. Aly has overcome his obstacles with depression and other illnesses through his music, and truly believes that music is his medicine.
In his free time, Aly is passionate about sharing music on YouTube, also known by his alter persona as the Mithai Man; he spends most of his time in the kitchen.
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