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Crescendo 2015 format

Age groups :
  • less than 15 year old
  • 15-25 years old
  • 25 years old or above
Categories :
  • Vocal
  • Instrumental
  • Tabla
  • Dance - Kathak
  • Dance - Bharatnatyam

Round 1 deadline extended to April 15th 2015!!!!

2015 competition format
  • Round 1 - Online qualification. Submit a video of up to 8 mins. Round open 1st Jan 2015 to 15th April 2015
  • Round 2 - Online qualification. Submit a video of up to 8 mins. Round open 10th May 2015 to 25th May 2015
  • Final - Online qualification. Submit a video of up to 15 mins. Round open 15th June 2015 to 30th June 2015
  • Mega-Final - September 6th 2015, in person in Atlanta. Live accompaniment (Bring your own or we can provide).
* Information above is subject to change
Compete for combined cash prizes of over $2500.
Please note the following changes to the 2015 format. For additional frequently asked questions please visit our FAQs page.
  • Round 1 & Round 2 Raags/Tabla pieces are participants choice. Which means a participant can chose whatever they wish to perform. However these recordings should be original. Which means they specifically need to be recorded for Crescendo 2015. Previously recorded videos will not be accepted.
  • Each entry needs to be submitted as a Video. Not an audio recording combined with pictures of the participant but an actual video.
  • For finals, the participants will submit 3 choices and the judges will chose one out of the three. The participant will be given 15 days notice before they submit their final entry.
  • While Round 1 and Round 2 can be performed with a tabla machine, Final round submission HAS to happen with live accompaniment.
  • All the submitted entries, will remain in suspense until the Judges have completed their rating. This means, you wont know who else has entered the competition until the Judges have finished their judging.
  • Audience rating will be available ONLY after the judges have completed their judging.
  • Round 2 and Finals judging is only open for the Judges and the audience cannot vote/rate the participants.
  • Based on the talent of the participant, the Judges have the ability to accelerate a participant ahead. Which means they can qualify any student in the advanced category. If progressed to advanced category, the student will no longer compete in their age group and will exclusively compete in the Advanced category where age holds no bar.

Recent entries

Veena Kommu

Category : Bharatnatyam  Age Group : Below 15 years

3 stars
Avg rating: 3.4

Shrutika Kalve

Category : Instrumental  Age Group : Below 15 years

2.5 stars
Avg rating: 2.9

Shuktika Chatterjee

Category : Vocal  Age Group : 25 years and up

3 stars
Avg rating: 3.37

Omar Uraizee

Category : Tabla  Age Group : 15 - 25 years

3 stars
Avg rating: 3.17

Shree Shah

Category : Vocal  Age Group : 25 years and up

2.5 stars
Avg rating: 2.5

Sripriya Srinivas

Category : Vocal  Age Group : Below 15 years

3 stars
Avg rating: 3.1

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