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Siddhar Khan
GharanaTabla - DelhiSiddhar Khan
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Ustad Sidhhar Khan Dhadhi was the founder of Delhi Gharana, the first and fundamental Gharana of Tabla. He was born in circa 1700 and after learning the Pakhawaj, started experimenting on Tabla.

He also composed several compositions especially for Tabla playing. He improved the technique of playing on Chaati, glides from Dugga which made the Tabla as a popular accompanying instrument for Khayal singing.

As this Gharana gave importance to playing on Chaati with two fingers, it is also called ‘Do Ungaliyon Ka Baaj’. Peshkaar, Kayda, Rela is the specialty of this Gharana. The Kayda played in this Gharana is usually in Chatusra Jaati in which the syllables are ‘Dhit, Kit, tiT, Dhaage, Naage, Kinaa, Tinaa, DhirDhir’. While playing Tabla in speed, the sound is delightful and subtle. This Gharana is famous for solo playing as well as accompaniment.

Most of the gharana-s of Tabla were branched out from Ust Sidhhar Khan’s Delhi Gharana. Ust Modau khan, nephews of Ust Sidhhar Khan, was founder of Lucknow Gharana. Bugra Khan was the son of Sidhhar Khan. Sitaab Khan was Bugra Khan’s disciple & Ust Miru Khan and Ust Kallu Khan were his disciples who founded Ajrada gharana.
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