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SwarGanga is a non-profit organization based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and SwarGanga Trust is a charitable trust registered in Thane, India. SwarGanga was started in October 2004 to promote young, upcoming and less known artists in the field of Indian Classical Music. SwarGanga's website is a one of its kind effort on the entire internet. The website serves over 2 million visitors from nearly 126 different countries each year. SwarGanga has found its way into the remotest cities of the world and has a dedicated fan following. In order to establish its niche in the Indian Classical Music field, SwarGanga hosts a music festival in India each year which is targeted towards creating a platform for young, upcoming and less known artists. All the details of our past festivals can be found at the the following link.


Adwait Joshi - Founder

SwarGanga is the concept by Adwait Joshi. Adwait has been involved in Indian Classical Music since early childhood, with music flowing in his family. He started learning Tabla when he was just 6 years old. In parallel he was taking vocal lessons. As years passed his interest grew towards more Vocal. Currently he is taking advanced musical training from, Shri. Pritam Bhattacharjee, a disciple of Pt Jasraj. Adwait is an entrepreneur and a technology evangelist and has made use of all the latest and greatest technology available on this website to provide rich content to the users in the fastest way possible.

Apurva Joshi - Treasurer and Trustee

Apurva Joshi is one of the key members of the organization who provides administrative and financial support. Apurva has learnt vocal music all her life and currently taking advanced vocal training from, Shri. Pritam Bhattacharjee, a disciple of Pt Jasraj. Apurva is a Geography major and has completed her BA and MA in Cartography form the University of Mumbai and MS in Geographical Information Systems from University of Georgia. Apurva runs a business titled Adapsys Incorporated in Atlanta GA.

Ashok Joshi - Trustee

Ashok Joshi belongs to a music family. Although he has never undergone any formal training he has tremendous appreciation and understanding of Indian Classical Music. By profession Ashok Joshi is an extremely successful executive in the Chemicals and Polyester Industry and is respected by everyone. He served as one of the Executives of Chemtex Enggineering of India Ltd for 30 years and then started his own Consulting firm, Adapsys Technologies in India.

Ajit Marathe - Trustee

Ajit Marathe is a very well known personality in Thane. He is a Jeweler by profession and is one of the owners of the V S Marathe Jewellers chain in Thane. He also serves as the trustee of various organizations in Thane. The Marathe family is one of the most respected families in Thane for the social work done by the pioneers of this family, Sheelatai Marathe and Vaman (Dada) Shankar Marathe.

Chaitanya Kunte - Trustee

Chaitanya Kunte is a young and upcoming harmonium player and musicologist. He is also a well appreciated composer whose compositions have ranged from Vocal and Instrumental Music, Dance, Thumri, Dadra to Marathi Light Music. Chaitanya is a disciple of Dr. Arawind Thatte and has also received vocal guidance from Pt. Mohanrao Karve. Chaitanya is very well versed in playing other musical instruments like Sitar, Sarangi, Dilruba and Taus. He is currently a professor of music in the University of Pune.

Anjali Joshi - Vice President SwarGanga India

Anjali Joshi has been involved in music all her life. She began learning vocal music in at a very young age, her passion towards music was evident from the fact that she continued her music career throughout at just recently got her Diploma in Marathi Natyasangeet. Anjali still practices vocal music and loves, marathi abhanga and natyasangeet the most. She joined SwarGanga to run our India operations, and keep up her passion of music. She is also responsible for our SwarGanga School of Music Activities in India.