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If you are interested in learning about Indian Classical Music, this is a good place to start. There are total 19 pages on the basic concepts of ICM. All these articles try to explore various concepts in Indian Classical Music. A sample audio file is present where ever it is relevant. A audio file can be recognized by a audio symbol which looks like this . All the audio files on this website are in wma format and are 3 min (approx) samples. In order to listen to the audio file, click the symbol and select open. If you are interested in taking lessons for Indian Classical Music then click here.

  1. Patti (Scale)
  2. Swar (Note)
  3. Saptak (Register)
  4. Drone (Tanpura)
  5. Thaat System in ICM
  6. What is a Raag ?
  7. Alaap
  8. Taan and its types
  9. Samay Chakra (Raags by the time of the day)
  10. Raag vs Thaat
  11. Ornamental Melody in Raag (Alankars)
  12. Emotion evoked by Raags
  13. Raag Rules
  14. Raag Details
  15. Raag Name Origin
  16. Raag Presentation
  17. Notation System
  18. Principles of ICM
  19. Concept of Taal

Note : Some of the articles on ICM are derived from Meenakshi Bodas's webpage. I thank Meenakshi for letting me futher enhance them and add audio samples.