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  1. Thaats or scales are produced from 12 swar - Shuddha, Komal, Teevra. Raags belong to the thaats.
  2. There must be seven notes in a thaat The raag must have minimum five notes.
  3. In the thaat the seven notes have to be in order but in the raag the notes can be in any order.
  4. Thaat has only Aaroha (Ascending notes). The raag must have Aaroha (ascending notes) as well as the Avaroha (descending notes).
  5. It is not necessary for a thaat to be melodious as the thaats are not sung but the raag has to be melodious.
  6. Thaats do not express a sentiment. A raag must express a mood.
  7. Thaats do not have a Vaadi or Samvaadi. A raag has to have a Vaadi and a Samvaadi.
  8. Thaats are named after a popular raag belonging to that Thaat

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