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Each raag invokes a certain mood. For instance the raag Darbaari Kanada is regal and dignified and majestic in it's appearance. The melodies of this raag tend to be sung in the lower register, tempo is slow and the melodic phrases are complex.

All these effects can be explained by the ancient theory of Ras and Bhav.The Ras can be said as the experience and the Bhav the expression.

In the Bharat Natya Shastra eight sentiments are mentioned.

  • Shringaar (romantic/erotic)
  • Veer (heroic)
  • Hassya (comic)
  • Karuna (pathos)
  • Roudra (wrathful)
  • Bhayanak (terrifying)
  • Bibhatsa (odious)
  • Adbhut (wondrous)

Later on, another ras Shant (peaceful, calm) was added as the 9th Ras together called "Navras". However after the 15th century Bhakti (Devotion) Ras became widely accepted and popular into the original ras. There is a conception that Bhakti and Shanta ras are one and the same.

It also mentions the different notes to produce different moods such as Madhyam - Humorous, Pancham - Erotic, Shadja - Heroic, Rishabh - Wrathful and so on.

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