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Our Mission

  • To promote north Indian classical music throughout the world
  • To promote less known artists
  • To document and preserve north Indian classical music assets digitally

Our Activities

SwarGanga Music Festival & Music Concerts
Since its inception in 2004, SwarGanga has promoted many artists through various concerts in USA and India. Each year, we organize the SwarGanga Music Festival in India, which provides a platform for immensely talented but less known artists.

Digital Documentation
In the olden days, our music was passed on from one generation to next, verbally. As a result of this a lot of music was lost in time. What exists today is only a small portion that was documentation through books by the musicologists of yester years. At SwarGanga, we are trying to document, whatever has been left of our music before it too is lost. Through our website and mobile applications, we have documented thousands of music assets. A novel platform to display bilingual information, complete integration with social networks and content authoring with community support makes this website truly unique.

SwarGanga School of Music
Started in Atlanta GA, our school offers lessons in two mediums, in-person and online. With a panel of respected gurus and cutting edge technology, the school has been extremely popular and appreciated by many. We follow the course curriculum outlined by the prestigious Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Mahavidyalay Mandal.

Crescendo is an event that provides a platform for the residents of USA to compete in a north Indian Classical Music competition. This event is hosted in multiple formats, making use of online and in-person qualification rounds, featuring different age groups and categories.