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Patti is the scale in which a performer sings his songs/ragas. The table below, shows the different scales that can be used. The marathi notation is in the form of Pandhri (means White) or Kali (means Black) . The next part is equivalent number in Marathi/Hindi. The following table shows the pattis with equivalent western notations.

Indian ScaleWestern Equivalent
Safed 1 (White 1)C
Kali 1 (Black 1)C#
Safed 2 (White 2)D
Kali 2 (Black 2)D#
Safed 3 (White 3)E
Safed 4 (White 4)F
Kali 3 (Black 3)F#
Safed 5 (White 5)G
Kali 4 (Black 4)Ab
Safed 6 (White 6)A
Kali 5 (Black 5)Bb
Safed 7 (White 7)B
# - Read as Sharp
b - Read as Flat

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