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The following is the sequence in which various components of a raag are presented in a mehefil (concert)

Alternative 1Alternative 2

  1. Vilambit alaap presented in sections from low notes to high
  2. Maddhya alaap divided in to similar sections
  3. Drut alaap divided in to similar sections

A brief outline of the raag usually in aakaar.
Composition set to taal

  1. Sthaayi
  2. Antaraa

  1. Sthaayi

  2. Antaraa
Bol Baant Alaap in the form of badhat using the words of the bandish and broken in to sections

  1. Using the bols of the sthaayi
  2. Using the bols of the antaraa
    (After each section the mukhada is repeated)
Repetition of the full composition once Bol Baant and Layakaari
  End with tihai(repeating part of the cheez thrice and coming to the sum)

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