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In respect of certain raags we see the names of Hindu deities such as Kedaar, Bhairav, Gouri, Durga.

Some raags such as Ahiri, Asavari, Gujari indicate the link to certain tribes having similar names and might have risen out of tribal melodies.

Some names refer to certain places. For example Marwa, Jaunpuri, Pahadi. These raags may have had their origins in the folk tunes of those regions.

The fourth group bear the names of their creators. Raags such as Miya ki Malhar , Miya ki Todi are attributed to Miya Taansen. Whereas the Raag Bilaskhani Todi is said to have been created by his son Bilaskhan. The raag Darbaari Kanada is supposed to been derived from the Karnatic version of Kanada but sung in darbars in front of the kings for evening concerts. Raag Gorakh Kalyan is supposed to be made by Gorakh Naath to bring his guru back. Many artists have created their own raags. For Eg. Pt Bhimsen Joshi made the Raag Kalashree which is a combination of Kalawati and Bageshree.

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