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Most of the SwarGanga website is free and always will be free!! There are additional features that our students at SwarGanga School of Music use and get for free for being with us. We have extended that functionality to the users and have kept the prices low so that we can just cover our expenses! You dont have to pay for a membership if you dont want to! But you get additional benefits for getting a paid membership which are explained below.

Please Note : It can take up to 48 hours to upgrade your account after you have purchased a subscription.

Option 1 - $150/year

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Annual memberships for only $150 ! You will get the following
  • 1 year gold membership

Option 2 - Monthly

Membership LevelCost
Subscription length Buy Now
Subscription length Buy Now
Subscription length Buy Now

Want a FREE subscription ?

Here are three ways to do it
  • Sign-up with SwarGanga School of Music as a Student or a Teacher *
  • Contribute 50 entries to the Artistbase, Bandishbase, Bandish Notations Database, Bandish Taan Database, Tabla compositions or ANY of our database and get a free SILVER subscription. You can continue contributing and we can continue giving !!! **
  • Donate money towards our organization and get a free subscription ! ***
* - Subscription is valid as long as you are actively associated with Swarganga School of Music
** - Contributions are per month for a one month free silver subscription. Free memberships dont include On-Demand previlege.
*** - Donors can receive up to 3 months of free subscription.

Subscription Comparison

Bandish LyricsYesYesYesYes
Bandish Notations1NoYesYesYes
Bandish Taans1NoNoYesYes
Bandish Audio1NoNoYesYes
Raag DetailsYesYesYesYes
Raag AudioNoYesYesYes
Raag Alaaps1NoNoYesYes
Raag Alankars1NoNoYesYes
Taal DetailsYesYesYesYes
Taal AudioNoYesYesYes
Tabla/Pakhavaj Compositions1NoYesYesYes
Tabla/Pakhavaj Composition Audio1NoNoYesYes
1 - Limit 10 compositions per 30 day period for Bronze Membership, 20 for Silver Membership and 50 for Gold. Additional compositions available at an additional charge.
Note : All content is based on availability, if you get a Silver or Gold subscription, you will be able to demand unavailable content.