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Manji Khan
GharanaKhayal - Jaipur-Atrauli
Manji Khan
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Alladiyan Khan
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Utd. Manji Khan was the second son of Utd. Alladiya Khan. Because of the health ailments of his other two brothers, elder Utd. Nasiruddin "Badeji" Khan and younger Utd. Shamsuddin "Bhurji" Khan, Utd. Manji Khan was treated and chosen by Utd. Alladiya Khan as the foremost inheritor and disciple of the Jaipur-Atrauli gayaki.

He was called "Manji" because he was his father's Manjhala (middle) son.

Utd. Manji Khan was heavily influenced by Utd. Rahimat Khan, a popular vocalist at the time, of the Gwalior Gharana. The influence of Utd. Rahimat Khan's style in Utd. Bhurji Khan's singing earned him the wrath of his father, and thus gave up singing for a while. He resumed it later, under his father's conditions. but his career was cut short by his early death.
Utd. Manji Khan was noted for his serene face while singing, and earned popularity amongst younger listeners because of his choice to punctuate the more serious classical fare with exquisitely sung lighter pieces.
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