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Aziz Khan
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Aziz Khan
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Wahid Khan
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Ustad Aziz Khan is the youngest son of sitar and surbahar maestro Ustad Waheed Khansaab.

The young Gunna Bhai, as Aziz Khansaab was lovingly addressed by his family members, was introduced to music at a very young age and as years passed by he received extensive lessons in the music of the gharana from his father Ustad Waheed Khan in vocal music, sitar and surbahar. He also received some taleem from his uncle Ustad Enayat Khansaab.

He became a professional music composer in the Bollywood film industry composing under the pseudonym Aziz-Hindi. Even here his musical talents came to the fore. He enjoyed considerable success while composing for films like Intezar ke bad, parvartan (1949), Putli (1950), “Actor (1952), Thoop Chaon (1954), Danka (1954), Chalta Poorza (1958). Ustad Aziz Khan also composed music for several other films in partnership with composer Khaiyyam. In these films, they use to call themselves 'Sharma ji – Varma ji'. The very first film that they composed for was a huge hit called Heer- Ranjha. A few other films for which the Sharma ji - Varma ji duo composed music were Parda, Biwi, Pyar ki batein, etc

However, no matter how good he was as a composer or how famous he became as a composer, Aziz Khansaab’s taking up music as a profession did not go down well with his father. After this, Ustad Aziz Khan’s life long quest was to train his son. He was demanding and very strict as a Guru. He would often say to his son, the young Shahid Parvez, - “I want you to play like this and I will make you play like this, no matter what it takes.” Often the Ustad’s wife would bring in food and he would forget about the food and go on teaching his son oblivious of the fact that his son would also be hungry. Ustad Aziz Khan Saab was a very hounest man. He didn’t believe in taking students for the sake of it or just to increase the numbers. However, he had quite a few students other than his foremost disciple and son Shahid Parvez Khan; and whoever was fortunate enough to receive his blessings as a student, has become established as a musician in his life. He was very strict but even more honest as a Guru.
However, those that have listened to his sitar or surbahar or to the songs that he has composed will know that Ustad Aziz Khansaab was a true artist; and music was the love of his life.
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