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Azmat Hussain Khan 'Dilrang'
GharanaKhayal - Khurja
Azmat Hussain Khan
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Alladiyan Khan
Vilayat Hussain Khan 'Pran Piya'
Altaf Hussain Khan
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The singer of Khurja - Atrauli gharana, Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan was born on 5th March 1911 in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh. He was blessed by the tradition of music and poetry from his home. His father Ustad Khairat Ali was an eminent Sitarist. Most of his ancestors were great Been players. He was also well versed in languages such as Urdu, Hindi, Persian, Arabic and Sanskrit.
Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan took lessons of music from his uncle, Ustad Altaf Hussain Khan of Khurja Gharana. In 1930, after coming to Mumbai, he received the further education (Talim) of music from the vocalist of Jaipur-Atrauli gharana, Ustad Alladiya Khan. At the same time, he perceived many Ragas and Bandishes from Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan of Agra gharana. He developed his own style without harming any of the three styles he learnt. His Gayaki had influence of Ustad Shabbu Hussain Khan and Faiyyaz Khan. At the same time he was able to sing various other song forms such as Dhrupad, Dhamar, Khyal, Tarana, Trivat and Tappa, Thumri, Dadra. As well as he used to sing Marathi compositions and Rajasthani Mand in some of his performances. The main characteristics of his style of singing includes rare Ragas, complex Laykari, Taan-s with perfection, and diversity of compositions.
He gained popularity in the period of 1940 to 1955. He was invited for the inauguration of the first Independence day ceremony of India in 1948, along with the eminent performers namely Hafiz Ali Khan, Heerabai Badodekar, Ahmedjaan Thirakwa. He also had his performance at the home of famous vocalist M. S. Subbalaksmi during his tours in South India in 1953. In 1954, he was invited in the court of Afghanistan by king Zahir Shah.
Azmat Hussain was a performer with many good qualities. Along with music, he also had inborn talent of poetry. He was influenced by the Urdu poet Allama Seemab Akbarabadi; and at the age of 25 he received her discipleship. He wrote many Gazals and poems using the penname 'Maikash Atrauli'. Besides he also composed many Bandishes by the penname 'Dilrang'. He also created 2 Ragas namely 'Chandra-Jog' and 'Devata Bhairav'.
Azmat Hussain worked as the producer and advisor of music in Akashwani (AIR) at Delhi and Mumbai for 25 years. He was rewarded by the titles named 'Taan Kaptan' and 'Sangeet Sartaj' for his unique style of music. He taught many, including his prominent disciple Aslam Khan, his sons Vajahat Khan and Rafat Khan. He also taught and gave guidance to successful performers namely Ustad Yunus Khan, Durgabai Shirodkar, Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki, Datta Kerkar and many others.
Azmat Hussain Khan who had interest in various other activities such as poetry, hunting and cookery, died in Mumbai on 26th July 1975 due to short time illness. In his memory, the municipal co-operation of Mumbai named one of the streets of south Mumbai as 'Gayaan Samrat Azmat Hussain Khan Dilrang Road'. His students and followers established an academy named 'Dilrang Academy of Music and Fine Arts'; and many programs including music and literature are conducted.
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