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Shriram Hasabnis
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Tulsidas Borkar
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Shriram is an artist who has a natural flair for music. He has the good fortune to have been born in an ambience full of melody. His father Suresh Hasabnis is an accomplished tabla player and vocalist, protégé of Pt. Vinayakrao Ghangrakar and Pt. Govindbuwa Kale of Sangli.

Under his father’s tutelage, Shriram’s talent began taking shape from the age of 7. Right from the formative years of school, he accompanied several kirtankaars. This early experience gave him the first whiff of the art of accompaniment.

In his pursuit for excellence, he honed his skills accompanying renowned vocalists such as Shri Hrishikesh Bodas, Smt. Mangala Joshi and Manjusha Kulkarni Patil and several others from Sangli, Miraj and Kolhapur. This continued even during his art studies at Kolhapur. His musical journey, was bestowing him with well-earned confidence...which became evident in his performance.

Though the harmonium was his medium of musical expression, he studied classical vocal music from late Pt. G.V. Dandekar, a revered vocalist of the Gwalior Gharana and was the disciple of Pt. Narayanrao Thitebuwa and Pt. Jagannathbuwa Pandharpurkar.

In the taaleem sessions by Pt. Kanebuwa he marked the nuances and intricacies in the gayaki of Agra and Gwalior Gharanas. Shriram could see that music is an ocean that has many rivers flowing into it...and each river brings in her own flavour and colour and fragrance...

Presently he is under the guidance of Pt. Tulsidasji Borkar, a harmonium veteran. Accompanying him with some of the topmost vocalists and tabla players, his musical journey carries on as it takes him to perform at prestigious concerts and festivals all over India and abroad.
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