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Yaqub Hussain Khan
GharanaKhayal - Agra
Yaqub Hussain Khan
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Vilayat Hussain Khan 'Pran Piya'
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Born at Atrauli on 21st May 1936, Ustad Yaqub Hussain Khan is one of the senior-most Vocalists of the legendary Agra Gharana. He started learning vocal North Indian Classical from his father Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan 'Pranpriya' at the age of 14, when he also joined High School in 1950. He also learned music from his maternal Uncle Ustad Azmat Hussain Khan Dilrang (Khurja-Atrauli Gharana), Ustad Sharafat Hussain Khan (his brother-in-law), his elder brother Ustad Yunus Hussain Khan, 'Darpan' and Ustad Khadim Hussain Khan.

In Mumbai, he gave his first performance in the year 1964 at Haldankar's Art Studio (the famous painter). Thereafter, he performed in many Mehfils and regaled audiences. He has also given performances at NCPA, Dilrang Music Festival, Sangeet Maha Bharti, Tejpal Hall, Dadar Matunga Cultural Centre, Geeta Mandir hall, Bharti Vidhya Bhavan, Karnatak Sangh Hall, (Kala Bharti), Ustad Allahdiya Khan Sangeet Samaroh, Chembur and many other Music Circles. Ustad Yaqub Hussain Khan is not only an excellent vocalist but also a gifted teacher. He has trained a number of disciples and his music has also been recorded.
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