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Tanras Khan
GharanaKhayal - Qawaal Bachche
Tanras Khan
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Achapal Miya or Ghulam Hussain Khan
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Meer Qutub Baksh alias 'Tanras Khan' was a iconic Khayal singer 19th century. He was son of Kadirbaksh of Dasna, who was court singer for Shah Alam II, Mughal king during 1759 - 1806. He later learnt with 'Achapal Miya' of Delhi Gharana. Tanras Khan was famous of this swift, sparkling Taan-s and so this title 'Tanras' (one who has charming Taan) was given to him by Bahadur Shah Jaffer, the last Mughal emperor. Tanras Khan occasionaly sang Qawwalis also. So, he is also said to be member of 'Qawwal Bachchon Ka Delhi Gharana'. Tanras Khan composed many Khayal and Taranas.
He was in Delhi court, but also got invitations from courts of Rampur, Alwar, Jaipur, etc. After the revolt of 1857, he left Delhi and went to Gwalior; but didn't got much appreciation there. So, he shifted to Hyderabad under Nizam court and finally died there in 1885. His tomb in Hyderabad is near Khamas Shah Dargah. He had two sons - Ghulam Gaus and Umrao Khan.
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