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D V Kane
GharanaKhayal - Gwalior
D V Kane
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Vinayakrao R Patwardhan
Vilayat Hussain Khan 'Pran Piya'
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Pandit Kanebuwa was a vocalist trained in Gwalior and Agra gharana. D V Kane was born in a musical family and his father Vishnubuva Kane used to accompany on Harmonium and play Sitar and Dilruba at royal court of Ichalkaranji. He started learning basics of music from his father and also took training under Pandit Neelkanthbuwa Jangam, disciple of Pandit Balkrishanbuwa Ichalkaranjikar. Admiring this 20 year old young's singing, his royal highness of Ichalkaranji awarded him a scholarship to learn music from Pandit Vinayakbuwa Patwardhan in Gandharva Mahavidyalay, Pune. He received training for 7 years from Pandit Patwardhan. He was fortunate to have training from senior Gwalior Gharana maestro Pandit Yashvant buwa Mirashi for 6 years. While in Pune, Kanebuwa got a rare opportunity to accompany the great Bal Gandharva in Natya-Geet and Bhajans which made a massive impact on him. The style of Bal Gandharva percolated in his renditions of Bhajans. After Mirashibuwa, Kanebuwa got an opportunity to learn from the legend of Agra Gharana, Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan in Mumbai. Kanebuwa became a Gandaband Shagird of Khan Saheb in 1955. During this time, he was engulfed by musical atmosphere and received valuable tips from maestros like Faiyyaz Khan and Kesarbai Kerkar.

While in Pune and Mumbai, Kanebuwa performed across various platforms along with contemporaries, such as Pt. Gajananbuwa Joshi, Pt. Ram Marathe, Smt. Manik Varma, Pt. Neelkanthbuwa Abhyankar and Pt. Yashwantbuwa Joshi. As a classical vocalist, he always stressed on correct pronunciation of notes and phrases, the authenticity of each Raag as well as presenting it in a structured and aesthetic way. The accuracy of notes always left the listeners in awe. He molded his singing in such a way that it was enjoyable and pleasing to veterans and amateurs too.

Later after Ustad Vilayat Hussein Khan moved to Delhi, Kanebuwa returned back to his hometown Ichalkaranji in early 1960s and continued his role as a guru. He shared the knowledge and wisdom he gained throughout his life from his gurus to his disciples. He nurtured students such as Raghubuwa Kale, Narendra Kanekar, Balasaheb Tikekar, Sharad Jambhekar, Hrishikesh Bodas, Nirmala Gogate, Manjutai Modak, Mangala Joshi, Sukhada Kane, Varsha Bhave, Manjusha Patil and many others. Kane buwa taught each disciple the way of expressing a Raag based on his or her voice quality and range. He not only taught the Raag but also the thought behind it; this made each disciple to think in his/her own way still presenting it authentically. He always focused on the performance part of singing. Stage presence, facial expressions were also given importance in his training.

For his lifetime contribution as a vocalist and Guru, he was bestowed with FIE Foundation Award, Daftari Puraskar, and honorary doctorate or Sangitacharya from Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalay.

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