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Sinchan Das
GharanaKhayal - Rampur-Seheswan
Sinchan Das
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Ravi Shankar
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A person having profound hold over the Music, Medicine and Health science simultaneously, who is a successful Physician, Scientist, Teacher, Thought changer, Vocalist as well as an Artist Sir Dr. Sinchan Das. Dr. Sinchan Das, son of Mr. Harendra nath Das, a successful statistician and Dr. (Mrs.) Susmita Das, a successful Botanist was born on 3rd day of December of the year 1990, lives in Kolkata.

He stepped into the world of music at the age of 5 years. Under the loving tutelage of Pandit Koushik Bhattacharya for a span of 9 years, his fondness of music gradually develops. Then he came under highly inspiring contact of Vocal maestro Pandit Samaresh Chawdhury of 'Rampur Senia' Gharana and got him as his guru. In this time he also came in contact with Sarode maestro Pandit Kamal Mallick of 'Maihar Gharana' which help him to implicate the 'Tantrikari',i.e. instrumental style taankari in his 'Gayaki' and that became the signature style of Dr. Sinchan Das. For this signature style Sarode maestro Ustad Ali Akbar Khan called him 'Chote ustad' according to one of his close disciple, and Pandit Kamal Mallick as 'Taankar'.

He is successfully populated Traditional Indian Classical Music within the common people of all the ages and receives many titles and awards, like 'Sangeet Bhushan' (U.S.A.),'Sangeet Ratna', 'Sangeet Siromoni', 'Sangeetacharya', 'TaanTarang (Agra), 'Brij Bhushan' (Mathura), 'TaanSamrat' (IMA), 'Voice of God award', 'Dark Horse Award' (United Kingdom), "Emperor of Music Award' (Norway), 'Surasagar', 'Gramophone award', 'Mayur Samman', 'Taaj Samman', 'Ustad Vilayat Khan Sangeet Samman' and many more.
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