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D. R. Nimbargi
GharanaKhayal - Gwalior
D. R. Nimbargi
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Anant Manohar Joshi 'Antubua'
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Early Life and Background :
Pandit Damodar Ramchandra Nimbargi (D.R.Nimbargi or Nimbargibuva) was born in a musical family in Jainapur, Karnataka in 1913. His grandfather Vishnubhat Nimbargi was a Rudra Veena player and his father Ramchandra Nimbargi was the priest in the town Ramtirtha. Mother Sitabai was a housewife. They used to live in Jamkhandi, Karnataka. Nimbargibuva had four brothers and three sisters.
Little Damodar had started going to school. He used to sing songs in school singing competitions and used to stand first. His voice was melodious. Everyone used to appreciate his voice. At that time Appasaheb (Sitaram) Patwardhan was a great leader and disciple of Mahatma Gandhi. One day Appasaheb listened to little Damodar singing and he liked it and told Damodar's father to teach his son from the eminent guru.
At that time Pt. Anant Manohar Joshi (also called Antubuva was a great singer and Guru of the Gwalior Gharana) from Aundh Sansthan which is presently popular as Satara Aundh. Little Damodar started learning at the age of 8 years from Antubuva till the coming 10 years. At the same time, Gajanan Joshi, the son of Antubuva was also learning along with Nimbargibuva.
Nimbargibuva returned to Jamkhandi and continued practising rigorously. He went to Mumbai in 1932 and used to live in the Girgaon Brahman Colony with his younger brother G. R. Nimbargi who was learning violin in Mumbai. Nimbargibuva also taught singing to his brother G. R. Nimbargi who thereafter got a job at All India Radio Dharwad. Today his Son Vadiraj Nimbargi is also working as Violin Player at AIR Dharwad. Nimbargibuva died on 28th April 1994 at Dombivali.

Career :
Pandit Nimbargibuva completed his Matriculation in Mumbai and chose singing as a career. He got married in 1942 to Laxmibai Hipparagi, but she died in the delivery of their first girl child Sunanda Nimbargi. Later Nimbargibuva got married to Radhabai Ramdasi and had one son and a daughter. He left Gurgaon and came to Dadar and used to live at Koli Wada and started teaching Hindustani classical vocal music as a private tutor and used to give programs all over Maharashtra. Later he settled down in Dombivali, Mumbai. He was an A-grade artist of AIR Mumbai and AIR Dharwad and was given several performances on AIR.

Nimbargibuva has given basic training of Gwalior Khyal to many students. Among his noted students, some of them are as follows - Vidushi Kausalya Manjeshwar, Pandit Prabhakar Karandikar, Smt.Sunandatai Nimbargi (Vandanatai Khond), Dr. Rasika Phadke, Arjun Shejwal, Vitthal Shejwal, Baburao Kokate, Sulabha Mohile, Jyotsna Mohile, Shri. Ghule, Shri. Bhagwat, Shri. Thatte, Shri. Raikar, Smt. Ghanekar, Smt.Sakhare, Smt. Mandakini Bhende, Prabhavati Mushrif.
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