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Yashwant Mahale
GharanaKhayal - AgraYashwant Mahale
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Dinkar Kaikini 'Din Rang'
Srikrishna Narayan Ratanjankar 'Sujaan'
Krishna Gundopant Ginde
Rahimuddin Khan Dagar
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Yashwant Mahale is well-versed in the theory of music. The 75-year-old vocalist belongs to the scholastic tradition initiated by the pioneering musicologist VN Bhatkhande, who wrote a treatise on Hindustani classical music.
Mahale trained at the famous Bhatkhande College of music in Lucknow under the venerable musicologist SN Ratanjankar. “I still remain a student of music,” he said. “I started learning in 1956 and the process still goes on.”
Mahale mastered the dhrupad style under the tutelage of the illustrious musician, Rahimuddin Dagar.
Besides his vocal flair, Mahale, like his predecessors and teachers such as Dinkar Kaikini and KG Ginde, is also a composer. Mahale is adept at composing bandishes (songs) in what is known as jod (compound) ragas.
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