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Smit Shetye
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Smit Shetye
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Smit Shetye
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Smit Shetye is the director, producer, composer, cinematographer, actor, and writer of the Hasya Katta Official web series. He is also an Indian entrepreneur, Founder, CMD and CEO at Hasya Katta Official, the Owner and RJ, VJ of Hasya Katta Official Radio Station & TV Station.
He was born to Maharashtrian parents, in Mumbai city of Maharashtra state, India later he was brought up in Thane. He was a student of Sri Ma Vidyalaya School in Thane, Pace Jr. Science College Powai & Thane, Shivajirao S Jondhale College Of Engineering Dombivali, Thane.
Smit is also a computer programmer, Full Stack Developer, Social Media Optimizer, Search Engine Optimizer, Youngest Indian Entrepreneur, and Google and other search engines Knowledge Panel Expert. Smit was also awarded 2nd rank in the National Computing Intelligence Olympiad and honoured with Gold & Silver medals, Plaque and Trophy.
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